Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Golden Boy.

[He has just turned 19 years old. He's a true freshman. The starting quarterback for USC, he leads the Pac-10 in passing and pass efficiency.

People can't say enough about him. He has football skills and QB instincts normally only seen in seniors.

Calm. Cool. Smart. Gifted. Handsome. Nice.

He is Matt Barkely,  a genetically superior, uber All-American whom everybody loves.

In high school he was the Gatorade National Male Athlete of the Year. He plays guitar for his church youth group. He went to Africa and did something nice for African children (read to them or fed them or something).

While he was in high school, and with the help of his father, he started "Monarchs for Marines" -- an organization of players, coaches and parents of his Mater Dei High Monarchs who volunteered their time in landscaping and renovation of the youth areas of Camp Pendleton.  Then they held youth camps and football clinics for the Camp Pendleton youth. Additionally they raised $100,000 to help families of fallen or wounded Marines.

What parents wouldn't want their daughters and even a few of sons to marry this guy?
Is that a hickey? How adorable.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Ya. We're in big trouble. Pete Carroll has run some pretty good QB's through his system. But this new scheme of his is downright diabolical.

It's one thing to have a QB that is tough to slow down because of his own set of skills. It's another to bring in a guy who has all that PLUS he is so likable, such an American Golden Boy, that blitzing and putting the hurt on him would make everybody sad.

This guy is like Buckaroo Banzai -- comic book hero, real life superhero, quantum physicist, rock star, pilot,  jet car racer, sensitive lover and heart surgeon. The only people who hate him are evil villains and space aliens bent on destroying the earth.

That is the role the Ducks must play Saturday. Here is Oregon with their best shot yet at getting back to the Rose Bowl. They've been getting it done in large part by attacking the quarterback. Jake Locker was only the latest to limp off the field after dancing with the Ducks.  A blind-sided blitz under the cover of the screams of Autzen is Oregon's most potent weapon. It's left many a QB wobbly legged and desiring to sit down.

 And now they await the Golden Child. The Ducks have no choice. They must be the evil villains. It is their destiny to end Buckaroo Barkley's legendom before it starts.
Actually, the Autzen crowd will provide all the evil on this Halloween night. The Ducks D. only have to do their jobs.

"Bring the boy to me. "
"There is power in the Duck side."
"Matt, this is your destiny."
"Uhhh . . . That's all I got."

Ya. . . Kind of like that.

[A Duck fan wrote Matt Barkley a nice letter courtesy of the L.A. Times.  Very funny.

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