Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Colin Cowherd weighs in . . .

[Colin Cowherd is one of my favorite sports talking heads. Formerly the Channel 8 sports announcer in Portland, he is now doing quite well with his on syndicated national talk show on ESPN -- The Herd.

Monday, he talked at length about Oregon's win over USC -- particularly the mastermind of it, Chip Kelly.

In his praise of Kelly, he backhands Mike Bellotti. I don't agree with everything he says. And I don't think Chip Kelly would either. But it's still very thought provoking.

I took the time to transcribe his four-minute conversation on the topic rather than just leave you with the link to sort through the entire 15-minute radio segment. (The thankless things I do for you readers. . . . . ). ]--kb

Speaking of USC: When USC loses in the Pac-10, the team that beats them never gets any credit. The whole story is “USC lost. They’re terrible”.

Folks, Oregon is good. Since Chip Kelly took over the Oregon program two years ago, they’ve averaged 49 points in two bowl games and 50 points in bowl games and bye weeks.

They are the most progressive offense in the country. In . . . . 2007 they scored 53 points in a bye week in October; and scored 56 in a bowl game.

Last year in a bye week they scored 54 at Arizona State, then 65 on a bye week against rival Oregon State, then 42 against Oklahoma State. That tells you that they run a very progressive offense. Give them a little extra time and they’re amazing.

Now this week they didn’t have any extra time; but . . . you know . . . . its not that USC is terrible. Other than Florida, I don’t think anyone in the country goes into Oregon and wins that game. I mean they’re just really exciting . . . . really progressive.

I thought there was a moment . . . . in that football game that completely jumped out to me. When right before half, this totally. . . to me, was an indelible moment that’s etched into my mind.

Did anybody notice Chip Kelly of Oregon, leading by seven against USC at home? Most coaches in this country would be happy with the lead. They had momentum and the lead.

A minute left. USC had the ball. . . . . He’s calling TIMEOUT! He wants to get the ball back with 40 seconds and score on USC.

That bleeds over to the players. The Oregon coaching staff didn’t have the ball with a minute left in the half. They’re calling timeout.

“We want the ball back. We want the ball back. We want the ball back. We want to score again, and again, and again, and again.”

Chip Kelly to Pete Carrol before game:
"I'll make you a deal, Pete. If we beat you by two, . . .no, make that three touchdowns, you have to promise never to step outside the coach's box again.

That kind of leadership, that kind of progressive and aggressive leadership bleeds over to the players.

And it’s great because Oregon is a very touchy-feely state. It’s a very “Every kid gets a ribbon” state. I mean they named their football field after a coach with a sub-500 record.

They need a kick-arse East coast guy. And Chip Kelly’s a kick-butt, pedal-to-the-metal, rub-it-in-your-face, drop 70 on ya, never apologize . . . .

Oregon’s been dying for this for years.

Mike Bellotti coached there for 15 years. They could never seize the number two position in the Pac-10. Chip Kelly’s been there for two years, they are clearly the number 2 school in the Pac-10. CLEARLY. Clearly the number 2 program. . . . took Chip Kelly two years.

I always said, with Phil Knight’s money, there is no excuse they’re not the second best program, easily, in the Pac-10. For 15 years they just meandered around, they were nice and everybody got a ribbon.

And Chip Kelly will spit on you, score 80, never apologize, out-recruit you. Call a timeout, bury USC.
“Don’t be happy. We’re gonna crush you. In your face. We don’t take second place.”

I LOVE it!

I used to live in that state. And it’s so touch-feely, and “Don’t be mean” and “Give everybody a trophy.”

SCREW THAT. The crappy kids sit on the bench. The good kids play. Who cares if they go home and cry? They’ll come back and be tech-nerds and make millions. ##

[I love it too. What Duck fan wouldn't? When he suggests Bellotti failed to make Oregon the #2 team in the Pac-10 (USC being #1 if you hadn't figured that out), the knee-jerk reaction might be "Wait a minute, we finished second several times in Bellotti's tenure. How many Holiday bowl trips, three, four? But that's not where Cowherd's coming from.

He's saying , "Ask any college football fan in the country, 'Who is the best team in the Pac-10?'." The clear answer should be USC. Who is the second best? Cowherd's point is that Bellotti never could make Oregon the obvious answer. Never mind making Oregon better than USC. That's a tall order for any team. But to make Oregon consistently and clearly better than the remaining eight teams . . . that's what Kelly is doing.

Cowherd lost me, however, with his "The crappy kids sit on the bench. The good kids play. Who cares if they go home and cry."

He's Chip Kelly, not Mike Stoops. He loves his players and motivates the "crappy" players to be good. He fills them with belief, confidence, and self respect. Otherwise, these underclassmen wouldn't be filling in marvelously for LeGarrette Blount, TJ Ward, Walter Thurmond III, Willie Glasper, Jeremiah Masoli, and any other starters who didn't play for one reason or another. The last time we lost that many key starters at those positions, the Ducks went 6-5.

I just don't want anyone to feel hurt by Cowherd's words. Still, I think he did a fine job and deserves a ribbon.] --kb


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Hey Killer Bee you should post the video Highlights of each game at the end of your blog if you can ... That was cool reliving that special game. Matter

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