Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You think you're shaking now?

I just got off LSU's SB Nation site, "And The Valley Shook". It's nice. Clever name. And I salute their writer, Billy Gomilla for writing an intelligent and indepth X and O breakdown of the Ducks vs. Tigers.

He's got play diagrams, graphics and Duck game videos up the Wazoo like the Wazoo was a favorite Cajun watering hole. I like game analysis as much as the next beer drinking, porta-pottying, stadium screaming, wife embarrassing, football fool. But this is on steroids.

In his latest post, Previewing LSU - Oregon Part 4: What the Tiger Defensive Backs are Looking At (<-- That's the link. Help yourself.), he goes into great detail spelling out what key LSU defenders will have to do against Oregon. Below is an excerpt for a taste . . . .

"As seen in the above diagram, strong safety Brandon Taylor will primarily be reading Oregon's "trips" or three-receiver formations, for one of the Ducks' primary pass concepts, the bubble screen. I shouldn't have to rehash it for any LSU fan reading this, but Taylor will be the alley defender on most of those screen plays as the outside receivers block down on the nickel and cornerbacks. He'll also have some force responsibilities on some of Oregon's inside screens -- taking on blockers to give a better flow path to the ball for the linebackers and other defensive backs."

OK everybody. BREATHE!  In. . . out. . . in.   I know, it reads like getting directions from a gas station to a vacation rental in Sunriver. I wanted to give the guy some Duck fan insight, so I left him with this comment:

I can make this easier for you.
Very good X’s and O’s analysis. LSU fans know their football. I don’t care what Alabamans say. :)

   But if I may simplify it for you: You said, “. . .but as soon as the defense cheats one way a little too much, Chip Kelly will add that little twist and suddenly there’s a wide-open receiver”
   You’re partly right. As soon as the defense cheats, Oregon will take advantage of it. But it’s not even as complicated as a “twist” coming from Kelly and the bench. It’s already built into the play.
   Here’s the thing. Your entire post is basically, “If the offense does this, our guys must do that. And if the offense does that . . .”, and so on.
 Here’s part of the secret behind Oregon’s offense. Neither Kelly nor Thomas the QB know exactly what the play is going to be until after the ball is snapped. Handoff, keeper, throw bubble, throw long. Thomas is waiting for the defense to TELL HIM what the play should be.
   Any cheat anywhere, anytime in the game . . . . that’s what Kelly trains his QB to look for. And that is part of the wear down factor.
   When Duck fans say good luck, we’re saying good luck that none of your defensive players make a mistake for four whole quarters.
   Good luck, LSU. If you win this game, you will have definitely earned the win.

--Killer Bee.

Am I right? I'll tell you, I did not feel like trying to wrap my brain around his micro-analysis in this Part 4 -- let alone parts 1, 2, or 3 -- because I think it's irrelevant. He could be exactly right. But if any of his players fail to follow his diagrams to the letter, or if one cheats his intentions to Thomas, it doesn't matter.

Eleven players remaining disciplined for four quarters, especially toward the end of the game as fatigue wears in because the no-huddle is taking it's toll -- that is what Oregon demands of it's opponent. Doesn't matter what was drawn on the chalkboard.

Chip Kelly says it all the time. It's about execution. Who is executing better play after play after play?  The answer to that question is your winner.

And Another One Down
LSU lost another starter, this time to injury last week in practice. Senior Offensive Guard Josh Dworaczyk re-aggravated a knee injury from last season's Cotton Bowl and will require surgery. He's considered one of the best guards in the SEC.

"Go T-Bob...Go T-Bob...Go T-Bob..."
Coach Les Miles says he will be replaced by . . . (wait for it.) . . T-Bob Hebert. Yes that's his name, instantly making him my favorite player on LSU's or any SEC team. You can't be a bonafide southern university without a guy on your roster named T-Bob Hebert.

Oregon Ducks: The only team with a fashion section in it's media guide.
In case you were wondering -- and if you're a Duck fan, you were -- Oregon will be wearing custom designed uni's just for this game! To the video . . .

If you're like me, you NEED those gloves. Available at the Duck Shop



EZ said...

I presume you know that T-Bob Hebert (pronounced A-Bear) is the son of Bobby Hebert, former LSU and NFL QB. T-Bob also has some history with the law- and I don't mean that he applied to law school.


Killer Bee said...

I did NOT know that. I was amusing myself so much calling him "HEE-burt" that it never occured to me.
Good thing hes's at LSU. I hear they have a lot of law opportunities.

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